Our Policies & Commitment to Safety

We are open 7 days a week! 

Sunday: Open at 9:00 AM * 
Monday: Open at 9:00 AM * 
Tuesday:  Open at 9:00 AM * 
Wednesday: Open at 9:00 AM * 
Thursday: Open at 9:00 AM * 
Friday: Open at 9:00 AM * 
Saturday: Open at 9:00 AM * 

* Please note that appointments may be made beyond salon hours posted.  
Generally, we close when the last appointment is completed. 
We are closed on most major holidays.  Visit our Facebook page and Twitter for updates. 

All grooming services are by appointment only. 

Please call 516-775-7297 for appointment information & availability.

Store Hours - Open 7 Days a Week!

(1) Dog Behavior:  

Unsatisfactory behavior will determine if a dog can be groomed.  An unmanageable dog can be dangerous to themselves and to the groomer, regardless of their size. New Hyde Bark will not risk injury to a dog that is not responding well to the grooming process.

(2) Vaccinations & Health:  

All dogs are required to be properly vaccinated for their safety.  All vaccinations must be up to date including rabies, distemper and kennel cough (bordetella).  All dogs are expected to be in good health.  Any health conditions must be disclosed prior to grooming.  A release form may be required. 

(3) Age:

 Dogs that are over 10 years of age must have clearance from a veterinarian if they have not been a regular customer.  A senior dog release form will be required.  

(4) Prices:  

Estimates can be provided by phone, however, the final price will be determined at check in and will be determined by the type of grooming work required.  Additional charges may apply to the base grooming price.  Sales tax applies to all grooming services. 

(5) Appointment Cancellations, No Shows and Lateness:  

Please note that we allocate significant time for each grooming appointment.  Please kindly give a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations so that we can accommodate a customer on our wait list.  We will gladly reschedule your appointment.  Failure to show up for an appointment or lateness will be noted and future appointments must be secured by pre-payment in full.  Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.  We are very understanding that things happen & we will always do our best to accommodate your grooming needs!